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    Tomorrow Dry Cow, Intramammary Infusion to Prevent Mastitis

    Posted on May 2, 2011, under Veterinary Drug

    Intramammary Infusion to Prevent MastitisDry cow therapy has traditionally been the use of intramammary antibiotic therapy immediately after the last milking of lactation. Approved products applied by intramammary infusion at drying off can decrease the number of existing intramammary infections and/or prevent new infections during the early weeks of the dry period. Tomorrow Dry Cow can do this. Contains 12 x 10mL syringes and 12 alcohol pads. Each syringe contains 300 mg cephapirin activity as cephapirin benzathine. For intramammary infusion into the dry cow. Product Details

    The early dry period comprises the first 4-5 weeks after drying off. During this period attention should be given to mastitis prevention, vitamin supplementation and body condition.

    There are several guidelines to follow when administering dry cow antibiotics to prevent mastitis bacteria from being accidentally introduced into the teat: Cows must be removed from the milking herd so that they do not experience the milk let-down stimuli; Cows should be dried-off abruptly when they are producing less than 15 litres; Clean towels must be used for wiping and drying; Clean disposable gloves should be worn and kept clean.

    Dry cow antibiotic treatment aims to prevent new udder infections in the early dry period and can eliminate sub-clinical infections persisting from the previous lactation. Generally, the choice of product should be based on vet advice as well as any prior knowledge of the antibiotic sensitivity patterns for known mastitis agents in the herd. All quarters should be treated, not just those having shown symptoms of mastitis.

    Use of dry cow treatment is one component of an effective mastitis control program that should also include: dipping teats immediately after milking with a product known to be safe and effective, proper milking procedures using properly functioning milking equipment, keeping accurate records of clinical mastitis and somatic cell counts on individual cows, good udder hygiene between milkings, culling cows with chronic mastitis, and treating all clinical cases of mastitis promptly and appropriately.

    Before administration of the antibiotic, Teats should be dipped in an effective germicidal teat pre-dip and the appropriate contact time allowed before wiping off; Teats should be washed and must be thoroughly dried; The dry cow antibiotic should be infused into the nearest teat first, then into those furthest away to prevent contamination of clean teat ends; The teats should be swabbed with surgical spirit, starting with the furthest away and working towards the closest teat.

    Menagerie Whiteboard, Digital Whiteboard for Veterinary Practices

    Posted on March 8, 2011, under Veterinary Software


    Incandescent Software LLC has released version 1.0.1 of their lead veterinary software product, Menagerie Whiteboard. Menagerie Whiteboard is a digital “whiteboard” for veterinary practices, aimed at enhancing productivity and reducing reliance on paper records. This is the second release of Menagerie Whiteboard since the product was launched earlier this year. Release 1.0.1 features many user interface refinements informed by real-world usage.

    Menagerie Whiteboard 1.0.1 is available for purchase online at for $39.99. Menagerie Whiteboard is a standalone application which can be installed on a single computer, and enables up to 10 workstations to share the digital whiteboard via a web browser. “We want to ensure our products are easy to obtain and start using” explains Aaron Hamid, Co-founder of Incandescent Software.

    Menagerie Whiteboard’s clean interface is built on open web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. “We want to help veterinary clinics manage their daily workflow by creating a simple and intuitive solution” said Michal Kuklis, Co-founder and user interface developer.

    Menagerie Whiteboard features include:

    * Drag & drop patient status
    * Procedures checklist
    * Live search
    * To do lists

    The features can be watched on this short introduction video:

    An online demo of the product is available:

    Menagerie Whiteboard is the simple way to manage your clinic workflow. From front-office to back-office your staff can update patient status in real time through a dynamic web-based drag and drop interface. Contact the manufacturer


    Menagerie Whiteboard 1Menagerie Whiteboard 2Menagerie Whiteboard 3

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