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    computer software analyzing dog barks

    Posted on October 29, 2008, under Misc

    Hungarian scientists are working on computer software analyzing dog barks that could allow people to better recognize dogs’ basic emotions, Hungarian ethologist Csaba Molnar said.

    Molnar and his colleagues at Budapest’s ELTE University have tested software which distinguishes the emotional reaction of 14 dogs of the Hungarian Mudi herding breed to six situations: When the dog is alone, when it sees a ball, it fights, it plays, it encounters a stranger, or it goes for a walk.

    “A possible commercial application could be a device for dog-human communication,” the scientist told Reuters.

    The computer correctly recognized the emotional reaction of the dogs based on their barks and yelps in 43 percent of the cases. People had judged correctly in 40 percent of cases.

    Scientists said the software could be improved.

    Molnar said the Hungarian scientists’ research provided further proof that different types of dog barks convey messages humans can understand even if they had no experience with dogs.

    Firefly Encyclopedia of Insects and Spiders

    Posted on October 4, 2010, under Veterinary Book

    Firefly Encyclopedia of Insects and Spiders

    Combining authoritative, easy-to-read essays with accurate illustrations and full color photographs, this encyclopedia covers all of the families that encompass the million-plus species of insects and spiders. A unique and thoroughly current volume, it includes:
    – Specially commissioned articles written by a team of scientists, zoologists and expert researchers
    – Insightful and up-to-date information on insect and spider biology and behavior
    – The latest scientific findings and in

    Children's Dinosaur Encyclopedia

    A reference on dinosaurs for children. It contains all the information the young reader needs to understand the story of the dinosaur. Easy-to-follow coding on each section allows access to information and catalogue spreads provide facts and figures. Illustrated feature spreads concentrate on the specific questions most asked about these amazing reptiles.

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    VetDrug Application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

    Posted on August 1, 2010, under Veterinary Software

    VetDrug Application for iPhone, iPod, and iPadThe most complete and concise veterinary drug reference. VetDrug is a simple, clean and easy to use veterinary drug reference. It’s loaded with over 100 commonly used veterinary drugs and includes dosing, warnings and potential side effects.

    This comprehensive database contains treatment options for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and numerous exotic species. The main screen displays two menu available, they are VetDrug and Unit Conversion. The Unit Conversion menu contains Weight and Body surface area, so you can suit your need. For online Veterinary Drug References, you could use Veterinary Formulary by University of Minnesota or Veterinary Product Database by

    The VetDrug Application gives you the ability to modify drugs that are included with the app as well as add new drugs to personalize VetDrug for your use. You also have the ability to add tablet or bottle pictures. No internet connection required.

    To buy this vet application, simply open your iTunes software, and purchase from iTunes.

    Veterinary Medicine: A textbook of the diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and goats

    Posted on September 14, 2007, under Misc

    The tenth edition of this well established text was reviewed and the intensively revised and and new diseases was added, based on the literature published in the whole world since 2000. One directs it mainly to the students of the veterinary medicine and the veterinary surgeons and the workmen of field of practice. It came to be intensively employed like a reference by veterinary surgeons in large and mixed the practical animal one around the world: it reached the international relevance, identification and acceptance with several translations.

    The book is divided into section of general medicine (15 chapters) which describes the clinical examination and the manifestation of the disease in systems of body and a special section of medicine (21 chapters) which describes the specific diseases of the great animal species, their causes, epidemiology, pathophysiology, private clinic and of the pathological demonstrations, treatment, order and prevention, and risks zoonotic.
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