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    Veterinary Equator Convective Warming System

    Posted on September 28, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Equator Convective Warming SystemThe Convective Warming System from Smiths Medical provide patented temperature control system ensures the desired therapy setting. This really help veterinarian to improve patient outcomes and reduce the incidence of hypothermia. Product features: Fast warm up and high air flow, Visual alarms ensure safety, Hose end temperature control automatically adjusts to deliver chosen air temperature, Lightweight and compact, Four temperature selections, Quiet air delivery, and Can be mounted to IV pole, or set on the floor or tabletop.

    This product has been a leading in veterinary industry. Brand Name: SurgiVet® Equator® Convective Warming System. Product by: Smiths Medical. Contact the manufacturer

    Veterinary Dental Equipment Ultima Vet Base by NLS Animal Health

    Posted on June 13, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Dental Equipment Ultima Vet Base by NLS Animal HealthStandard features on all Ultima 500 Dental Units include dual clean water bottle system, silent cooling fan, internal 6-outlet electrical strip, hinged control panel, color-coded air lines, water female quick disconnect, large internal shelf, third air line for sonic scaling, fully enclosed in white fiberglass shell.

    With the simple press of the button, this compact unit can function in either scaling or polishing mode. The Ultima Vet Base is a full-function, self-contained, counter-top dental unit. Simply plug it in and turn it on. The only unit you will need for all of your dental procedures. Details

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    The Main Function of Central Nervous System

    Posted on January 16, 2009, under Tutorial

    The main function of central nervous system are set up, regulate and adjusts the body’s internal activities in the whole body on the situation in surrounding areas. Higher degree of ingenuity animal powerless animal’s cause adapts themselves to the changes around and this is mainly caused by animals that have tremendous momentum. These momentums, which many regarded as a bit of evolution index, grow and develop according to the needs of movement. Each ganglion affect one segment, but each ganglion works with the other. This is the basic function of medulla oblongata and brain stem.

    When the animals in their lives should be more then he needs to move the mechanism that provides oxygen and food on the animal so medulla and spons will be created, which have major respiratory and blood circulation. Besides, the increasing power indigestion caused by the influence of the vagus nerve power swallow, vomiting, and digestive organs movement.

    When animal becomes more aggressive with leg and feet reflex then mastered the location of the top of the medulla to the brain; cerebellum will perfect the exercise. In the hypothalamus there are:

    1. Centers to adjust the temperature changes outside and inside

    2. Centers which work together with the pituitary gland (which is also set to grow animals) to maintain affect animals.

    Finally cerebellum provides power to connect past experiences with the present experience, body movement and think more quickly.

    Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy XIV

    Posted on March 1, 2011, under Veterinary Book

    Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XIV
    From medical disorders to toxicology to infectious disease, Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy XIV includes the most up-to-date information from leading experts in the veterinary field with over 260 new chapters. The user-friendly format presents content clearly to help you easily find the information you need and put it in practice. Selective lists of references and suggested readings provide opportunities for further research, and the Companion CD includes helpful information from the previous