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    All Creatures Great and Small

    Posted on May 12, 2008, under Misc

    All Creatures Great and Small

    All Creatures Great and Small

    These are the stories that catapulted James Herriot to literary fame. When this book was first published, it was merely a simple volume of memoirs by an unknown Scottish veterinarian. But within a year, the book became recognized as a masterpiece. And in the three decades that followed, Dr. Herriot became one of the most universally loved authors of our time.

    In this first volume of memoirs, then-newly-qualified vet James Herriot arrives in the small Yorkshire village of Darrowby and he has no idea what to expect. How will he get on with his new boss? With the local farmers? And what will the animals think? This program is filled with hilarious and touching tales of the unpredictable Sigfriend Farnon, Sigfreid’s zany brother, Tristan, and Herriot’s first encounters with a beautiful girl called Helen.

    Now as then, All Creatures Great and Small is full of humor, warmth, pathos, drama, and James Herriot’s love of life. His journey across the Yorkshire dales, and his encounters with humans and dogs, cows, and kittens are lovingly told by Christopher Timothy with all the fascination, affection, and joy that suffuses Dr. Herriot’s work.

    Brushing, Combing, Trimming and Nails for your dogs

    Posted on April 1, 2008, under Tutorial

    Brushing not only makes your pet’s coat look nice and shiny. It is vital for skin and overall health and provides you with the opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog. You will be able to check your dog closely for any problems during brushing. Move the hair aside and examine the skin closely for signs of flea, ticks or skin irritations. Check for mats, tangles, dandruff, etc.

    When you brush, do a section at a time, brushing down to the skin on thick-coated dogs. To avoid coat breakage, only brush clean coats and mist with water or a mixture of water and coat conditioner. Mats and tangles can be carefully removed with de-matters and rakes or, if necessary, carefully cut out. If you are finding lots of mats, it’s a sure sign you are not grooming frequently enough. Don’t bathe until all mats and tangles are out. Combs are useful for the fine coat that grows around ears and for feathering.

    Spend time with puppies and newly adopted dogs to get them gradually and gently used t  grooming procedures. Go slowly and patiently and dispense plenty of praise and high value treats. Learn where he likes to be combed and brushed and where he doesn’t. All dogs have sensitive areas that need to be groomed a little more gently and carefully than others. By paying special attention to these areas, you will help make your dog more comfortable while being groomed, and he will not resist future grooming sessions. You will also become familiar with areas that he enjoys having groomed. This is helpful if you need to calm him during stressful times such as veterinary visits.

    Short and medium-coated dogs must be brushed once a week and have their nails trimmed. It’s also a good idea to scissor overgrown hair that grows between the foot pads and, if desired, around the food to give a nice, tidy appearance. Don’t worry if you botch it the first time. It’ll grow back and you’ll get better with practice. Even if you decide not to trim feet, check between foot pads during grooming for foxtails (common in California), ticks, bumps and debris.

    Wipe tearstains with a cotton ball moistened with warm water. Check inside the ears for debris, ticks or signs of inflammation. Wipe with a ear cleaning solution for dogs, if desired, or a mixture of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Dogs with skin folds, such as bulldogs, Pekes, Shih-Tzus and chows need these cleaned, preferably daily, with a moist cotton ball, and then dried with a dry cotton ball to avoid dermatitis and fungal infections.
    Trim nails every week or two. Brush teeth weekly with products for dogs to avoid tartar build-up, which not only causes bad breath but can necessitate professional cleaning under general anesthetic if allowed to build up.

    Longer coated dogs should be brushed more often, ideally every day. No dog should
    have to endure mats or a dirty, itchy coat. If long-coated dogs dirty themselves during elimination, strategic trimming can prevent this in future.

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    The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals Reviews

    Posted on September 19, 2010, under Veterinary Book

    The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals

    • ISBN13: 9780691140698
    • Condition: New
    • Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals is the most comprehensive and accessible reference book on mammals available. Unsurpassed in scope and stunningly illustrated, this book covers every known living species, from aardvarks to zorros. The informative and lively text is written by acclaimed researchers from around the world and features a concise general introduction to mammals followed by detailed accounts of species and groups that systematically describe form, distribution, behavior, status,

    Encyclopedia of the Horse

    Hundreds of stunning photographs highlight a comprehensive guide to horses, offering a wide range of information covering subjects such as the evolution of the horse and an exploration of the role horses have played in history. 50,000 first printing.”The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. With too many wonders close inspection dispels both mystery and joy. Not so with the wonder that is the horse.

    Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology (Hardcover)

    Posted on December 28, 2007, under Misc

    Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology (Hardcover)

    Book Description
    This updated edition offers some significant revisions designed to increase its usefulness for veterinary and veterinary technician students. These include: expanded introductory text for each chapter; expanded legends on a selective basis throughout the book; standardized terms to conform with the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria, 1996 Edition; views at higher magnification; twenty new color figures; detailed Glossary of Terms.

    Book Info
    Rutgers Univ., Camden, NJ. Practical atlas provides students with a foundation in the understanding and interpreting histologic and cytologic preparations. Includes more than 100 enlargements of selected color figures. All of the original Kodachrome slides have been rephotographed and re-labeled. Previous edition: c1990.